Made With Love

Berhyah, the finest Iraqi dates, and from the city of Palm (Basra), made with generosity and kindness in Basra, spreading a story of love and peace for Iraq and the world.

Organic & Natural

Berhyah produces exceptional quality organic & natural dates. This is the establishment for developing Berhyah’s world-renowned gourmet range, offered in Berhyah luxury boutique and other premium retailing channels.

The Economy of Scale

Since its establishment, Barhyah is still seeking to employ the local workforce in support of it to raise local competencies and bring them to the world with consideration given to supporting the Iraqi economy.

Luxury Experience

  • Berhyah aims to introduce new and sophisticated garment of Iraqi dates, and willing to spread love, peace and sense around the world by selling high quality and creative designed products, considering that Iraq have experienced difficulties regarding to political and financial issues which have prevented the best Iraqi ...

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Iraqi Dates Type

  • In ancient eras, date palm trees were first discovered in Babel which dates back to 4000 years BC and it is possible that date palms were familiar even before ...

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Our Store Around Globe

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  • Basra
    1. Located in: Iraq Duty Free
    2. Located in: Minawi pasha , Basra
  • Baghdad
    1. Located in: Iraq Duty Free
    2. Located in: Karada Dakhil , Baghdad
  • Erbil
    1. Located in: English Village , AB Center Building , Neon Zone , Erbil