Luxury Experience

  • Berhyah aims to introduce new and sophisticated garment of Iraqi dates, and willing to spread love, peace and sense around the world by selling high quality and creative designed products, considering that Iraq have experienced difficulties regarding to political and financial issues which have prevented the best Iraqi products from reaching world markets.
  • Berhyah Contains many different and exquisite flavors that are introduced for the first time in markets. Our flavors are chosen by Iraqi experts and made by skilled chefs, where natural ingredients are mixed with date in order to present special and unique flavor.
  • In accordance with the magnificent image presented by Berhyah products, it is also produced by outstanding and experienced people for the intention of supporting Iraqi economy and workers with low income, due to their massive contribution in Berhyah manufacturing process. As a result, part of the profits are provided for their families in order to help them create suitable living conditions.
  • Note that all our products are tested by MOH and has all the legal papers that fir the 882 food standard in iraq.