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It is a secondary trademark of Berhyah for Dates that was developed by us with adding special hot and cold drinks derived from dates and made with love to leave a beautiful memory for the visitors of the place.

We have provided a quiet, comfortable, and clean place appropriate for business or pleasure along with enjoying the best Arabic atmosphere and Arabic coffee made from the best kinds of coffee with the Iraqi dates with special Berhyah flavors.

Berhyah Café is characterized with originality and nostalgia from verses of poetry for great Iraqi poets and poets from Basra that people enjoyed their poetry for long years; also, the place is characterized with clam music that helps guests to enjoy the rich taste of the Iraqi dates or the dates products.

We offer products that are based on dates and are characterized with taste and quality and most of these products are exclusively made by us and copyrighted mixes and with international specifications, standards, and measures. Also, some products that are offered in the café are characterized with mixing French and European sweets and bakeries with dates to add originality to a new and high quality product.

We also serve hot and cold drinks with dates, molasses, tahini, or Naher Khoz sweets to guarantee constant special and exclusive mixes and an unmatched taste favored by all.

In addition to our organic dates that are collected regularly from Iraqi dates sources or from the private Berhyah farms and that are added to the menu of the café and are served in a modern manner.

Berhyah Baghdad

Karada Dakhil , Baghdad
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Berhyah Erbill

English Village , AB Center Building , Neon Zone , Erbil
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Berhyah Basra

Minawi pasha , Basra
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