Iraqi Dates Type

  • In ancient eras, date palm trees were first discovered in Babel which dates back to 4000 years BC and it is possible that date palms were familiar even before that era when a large impact was marked regarding to date palm trees in many different areas of Babel.
  • Eridu was long considered the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia and was established during the early forth millennium BC. It is located 12Km southwest of Ur and was considered as a main area of date palm agriculture due to its location surrounded by Ahwar.
  • Date palm trees were sacred by Sumerian, Babylonians and Assyrians due to its living and economical value. It was also proven that date palms were discovered during ancient eras in western Iraq as discovered from cuneiform invented during early dynastic period (2400-300) BC; which marked the writing about date palms that were found in one of the documents written during “Shusan” king era from Ur III dynasty (1970-1978) BC and also showed the location of Mzdahra orchard between Umma and Lagash cities that belong to Umma temple.
  • The orchard was divided into eight sections depending on the palm age and amount of dates produced, which were estimated at that time by bushels instead of weight.
  • Iraqi dates were known for its unique and savory flavor for a very long time, that emerged from Rafidain waters and fertile soil of Mesopotamia.
  • There are many types of Iraqi dates; one of the best, most luxurious and famous type is called Barhi dates that grow on Berhyah palm trees, which is the main reason behind choosing the name of Berhyah for this product.